Quality Vacation Club offers its members the advantages and benefits of conventional timeshare packaged into exciting affordable quality holidays, offering flexibility, peace of mind and affordability.
AVC members opt for a vacation world of “Simplicity, Flexibility, Choice”. AVC provides an inflation-proof holiday portfolio and promotes great holidays at stunning resort destinations with no compromise in respect of quality and choice of holidays as a result of ever-increasing holiday costs.
The key to a world of fabulous holiday options and a lifetime of first class holidays. Offering the ultimate in leisure and lifestyle experiences – in short a phenomenal vacation portfolio, that suite your lifestyle – now and into the future. The ultimate flexibility and holiday value, to ensure that you are able to make holiday choices that suite your changing lifestyle needs and wants.

VIP EXPRESS East Africa and West Africa is a young dynamic, innovative organisation, offering its members the dual benefit of a fabulous life-style product and the means capitalise on earning opportunities. VIP Express provides its members balance and harmony through an improved lifestyle that its quality leisure products offer.
ACI is an innovative and dynamic holiday and leisure portfolio provider. Combining years of experience and a selection of first-rate accommodation and holiday destinations, an ACI investment secures you and your loved ones a world of holiday choices.
Multi Destinations Club is a unique and well positioned vacation ownership club that offers peace of mind, ultimate flexibility, quality accommodation, freedom of choice, affordability and service and administrative excellence. MDC members have the opportunity to plan and pay for their holidays, according to their personal circumstances and requirements.

LPA is all about holidays and providing their members with some well-deserved time-off. Their innovative online platform allows their members to plan, book and secure their holiday, from anywhere and at any time. No more phone calls, back-and-forth emails, go-betweens, waiting periods or paperwork. LPA offers one streamlined vacation management tool, giving their members the opportunity to spend more time on the things that matter the most.